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Christmas Tree Trends

It's that time of the year again and we couldn't be happier! After the year we have all had we can all do with some festivities. This Christmas we are looking at creating a joyful, uplifting, warm environment, filled with love and laughter and togetherness.

Normally when it come to Christmas decoration there are no set rules, this is the one time a year where I hang up my designer hat and go wild! but I always have a few guidelines I follow to make sure my Christmas tree makes a statement; I never mix different styles, when you choose a style, stick to it, mixing two or more styles will leave you with a very confused looking tree, you want your tree to create a certain feel in the space and if you mix and match you might be left with a few confusing feelings and a messy looking tree.

I always find a way to reuse my old decorations, I never have the same Christmas tree style, I always try a new style that suits the mood I want to reflect that festive season, so buying new decorations every year can become rather pricey and could lead to a lot of waste over the years, so I try to reuse what I have, like painting my old Baubles, your colour palette is endless and adding a splash of glitter or faux snow will add that bit of texture. Its not only a more sustainable way but also a lot of fun, get the family together and enjoy a night of DIY, its also a great way to personalise your ornaments.

and lastly sparkly lights never go out style, you might need to decide which bests suites your Christmas style like cool white, warm white or colourful lights but never be afraid to light up your tree, it adds that little bit of magic we all need at Christmas.

If you are like me you have already put up your Christmas tree weeks ago but if you are stuck, not sure what style to use this Christmas, here are a few Christmas tree trends that can lead you in the right direction.

Less is more

Take inspiration from Scandinavian design trends, go simple and use a muted colour palettes. For many years we have seen perfect, symmetrical Christmas trees but there is a shift to more imperfect Christmas trees. Using imperfect, asymmetric and sparse trees with minimal decorations has become a huge trend, taking our inspiration from nature which is never perfectly symmetrical and beautifully simplistic.

Add fairy lights and green leaves to finish off the look, remember that less is more for this minimalistic look.

Playful pastels

Bring the fun back into your festivities, think candy shop and childhood memories, be playful with your colour selection, using pastel pink, blues and greens can create a very playful look this Christmas.

A faux frosted tree works beautifully with this look.

Going Natural

With simplicity and neutral themes this Christmas palette will give you all the warm feels this festive season. Using tans, white and beiges paired with leaves, wooden ornaments, acorns and paper decor. Decorate with eco principles in mind.

Mixed metallics

Gone are the days where mixing gold and silver is a no go. This Christmas, soft gold, matte silver and champagne are all the rage, together creating an elegant palette. Remember to use muted metallic tones to get the soft, elegant look. Paired with beautiful soft gold ribbon, magnolia flowers and sparkling lights your tree will be the picture of elegance.

Keeping it traditional

Traditional Christmas trees will always be a trend, if green and red is your thing, go wild! If you are not a fan of the traditional Christmas red and green, try going for different shades of green and red like terracotta, rose gold/copper, Gem green or olive green, these colours are warm and welcoming and are inspired by nature.With this trend the more the merrier, get your Christmas freak on and smother your tree with Christmas love.

There are two major trends this Christmas; Being unapologetically festive.Going all out with mixed colours, materials and layers and using nature as inspiration.Using natural tones like terracotta, olive, tans and beiges. Using natural elements like acorns and leaves or paper decorations, going for a more sustainable approach and bringing in natures beautiful imperfections.

So surround yourself with happiness, laughter, love and joy. Create a festive environment that lifts your mood and puts you in that Christmas spirit.

Have a Merry Christmas and be safe this festive season

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