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Hello Spring

As the seasons change so does our need for change in our homes, there's something rejuvenating about spring, it represents rebirth and renewal in nature, so why don't we incorporate that in our homes too. Although spring is always a little deceiving because it can still feel an awful lot like winter these few tips can help you create a space that feels warmer, fresher and more like spring.

Out with the cold and in with spring!

Spring cleaning and declutter

A clean home is a happy home and a happy home = happy life.

Spring has always been a time to participate in an age old tradition of dusting, vacuuming, cleaning out the cobwebs and decluttering.

Experts say spring-cleaning of your home has a number of health benefits like strengthening your immune system, helping reduce stress and depression and boosts your mood.

So lets get down and dirty with spring cleaning using this spring cleaning checklist:

  • Dusting the ceiling fans and light features

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Vacuum floor, rugs and carpets (remember to move away your couch and beds to get a thorough clean in all those hidden nooks and crannies)

  • Wash all bedding, throws, cushions and curtains

  • Wipe down window sills and blinds

  • Wash windows

  • Give your shower a good scrub

  • Make sure everything is in its rightful place. Tip: with winter passing you don't need all your fluffy throws, use a basket to store all your throws or organise your shoes in your entrance with a bench seat for storage

and remember to declutter!

Go through everything in your house, whether it be your wardrobe, kitchen cupboards or old nick nacks around the house and organise items in these categories:

  1. Recycle: These are items such as paper, plastic, or glass.

  2. Repair: These are items that need repair, like a sweater that needs stitching or a lamp shade that needs new fabric

  3. Trash: These are items that can get thrown out

  4. Donate: These are items that other people might want, donate them to a charity or a person

Bring the outside in

Nothing says spring like flowers and plants, not only do they brighten up the space and add colour but they improve your mood, we feel happier and optimistic when surrounded by plants.

Plants also have many health benefits like helping alleviate mental fatigue, slowing down heart rate, reducing high blood pressure, lowering anxiety and has the ability to boost air quality.

Spoil yourself with beautiful flowers! Having flowers in your kitchen or dining room puts a smile on anybodies face. It adds colour, texture, freshness and smells amazing.

House/Indoor plants have become increasingly popular over the past few years, decorate your home with beautiful indoor plants, its the perfect final touch to creating a beautiful home.

Add a splash of colour

In nature spring turns the world from brown to colour, so let the colour in . Colour can play a large role in your mood, emotions and health (read our blog on colour psychology to see the effects of colour )and especially while we are spending more time indoors, we need to choose our colours wisely, we need to choose colours that make our experience in our home peaceful, restorative, happy and inspired. We have compiled a few spring colour trends to bring your home to life this spring.

Soft grey - Soft grey is a great base colour for any space, it can be paired with any colour to make a space look fresh, stylish and sleek.

Charcoal - Charcoal is another great base colour. It gives depth and character, it is great used as a feature wall

Mustard - Mustard has become very popular, it creates a feel of warmth and happiness, it is best used paired with a light base colour like whites, beiges, greys and blacks, use cushions or throws, artworks and even an accent chair or couch to bring in this colour.

Gold - Gold is a luxurious colour, it represents wealth and looks great in small splashes like chair legs, light fixtures, decor or tap fitting.

Beige - Beige is an all round favourite as it is used as a base and to highlight added colours, its a soft colour that gives the feeling of comfort.

Tan - Tan can be used as a base colour or on its own, its a warm colour that creates comfort.

Terracotta - One of our favourite colours! It's a rich, warm colour that goes well with most colours, it can be used in small or large amounts.

Olive green - Olive green representing nature is always a good choice in any space, it is such a versatile colour and can be used in any way.

Mint green - We love using this soft colour, its such a fresh, welcoming colour and can be used as a feature wall or to accessories your space.

Turquoise - Turquoise is a strong, bold colour that adds depth and fun to a space.

Sky blue - Sky blue is the perfect colour for a bedroom, its calming effects create the perfect space to relax and recover.

Lilac - Lilac is a beautiful soft colour that creates a very relaxed feeling, it can be used in any way.

Blush pink - One of the favourite pink shades. Blush pink creates a sophisticated look, best used in your accessories or occasional chairs, most people still see it as a feminine colour so avoid using it in large amounts.

Coral - Coral is a bold colourful colour, bringing fun and excitement into your space, it should be used in your accessories like cushion, throws, artwork etc.

Peach - Peach is another fun colour, one of our favourite orange shades, it brings a space to life and gives it a cheery, happy feel, we love seeing peach as a feature wall and in accessories, its a colour that can be used in any way.

Pair these colours with earthy grounded shades or go bold with selected colours to bring that spring colour indoors and create that perfect spring home.

Wallpaper or Paint

It's as easy as painting a wall, whether it be a feature wall, painting the whole room or paint accents on the wall like arches, circles etc. paint can create a dramatic transformation. Using the right colour to create the right mood in the space is very important, make sure to do your research on how colour effects you before committing to a colour. ( )

Wallpaper! Need we say more, what better way to represent spring in your home than to add a beautiful floral wallpaper to the space. Wallpaper adds texture, depth and character, its a fun element to add to a space. With so many options out there you can find the perfect wallpaper for your space. You don't need to go big and bold, your wallpaper can be soft and subtle. for more information on wallpaper read our blog why wallpaper is better then ever:

Wall art that makes you happy

Wall art is the easiest way to give you that spring feel in your home, whether it be an image of something that makes you happy or family portraits, decorate your walls with images you love and that make you smile. Go for bold colours, happy images, motivational words, the sky is the limit when it comes to wall art.

Lighter fabrics

With winter looming in our rear view mirror its time to pack away our chunky throws or faux fur and replace them with softer, light throws and decorative cushions, think soft cotton or linen throws and decorative cushions in spring colours to add that pop of colour or try a new spring inspired bed cover.

Sweet candles

and finally yes spring is about the smell as much as it is about the look, think flowers like the fresh smell of lilies, jasmine or roses or fruit like cherry, watermelon, orange or even the smell of fresh clean linen, each person has a unique smell that makes them think of spring, bring that into your home with a scented candle to transform your space into a spring wonderland.

Need help creating that spring look, get in touch with us for a free consultation!

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