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Somebody call the 90’s we want our wallpaper back


It is no secret that Styl’d by Cher interiors love wallpaper.

Let's be honest, we hear the word “wallpaper” and we immediately think of Great Aunt Tilda’s creepy, golden floral print wallpapered living room with matching curtains, cushions and sofa. We’ve been traumatized with all the horror stories of friends and family working tirelessly for hours, days or weeks trying to remove decades old wallpaper from walls - sanding, scraping, peeling and ripping - more often than not, causing damage to the walls.

Most people shy away from wallpaper because of this, but wallpaper is coming around for another spin and its bigger, better, fresher and ready to put a new and modern twist to an old classic.

Styl’d by Cher Interiors will find any opportunity to use wallpaper to liven up a space and here is why:

Wallpaper is easy to apply and remove.

Wallpaper and adhesive have come a long way since the 90’s. You no longer need to worry about your wallpaper design being a feature for decades to come. Using the right wallpaper and a professional installer will ensure that the wall is correctly prepped and applied to last. Doing this will also ensure that removing the wallpaper is easier when you want to change it one day.

Installing it yourself is a synch if you’ve done your research into what you want, making sure you have the correct tools and adhesive.

You do not have to go bold.

Remember when choosing your wallpaper design – the addition of any wallpaper no matter how subtle or bold can and will make a statement in the space. Wallpaper comes in different textures, depths, colours and styles. Using simple designs with an interesting texture can make a huge impact on a space. There are also paintable wallpaper available that give you a texture and depth for a more subtle feel or wallpaper with a shine or glow that when the light reflects on it, it creates the illusion of a brighter room.

Wallpaper is low maintenance.

Wallpaper is extremely durable; it will not easily scratch or chip like paint and is washable, so it will not stain if cleaned properly. If applied properly wallpaper will protect your wall from those unforeseeable scratches and stains.

Wallpaper does not need a large space to look good.

In the past wallpaper was used on every wall as a wall covering, whereas now we can use it to make a feature wall use it values to create a focused art statement. It is not the size of the coverage, but the impact it makes. So do not worry about needing a large room or area to feature wallpaper. Wallpaper sometimes has the biggest impact in small or unconventional spaces, like powder rooms or small nooks. It is great to add wallpaper to a space that would not normally be noticed or in a space that would otherwise be dull, bland or boring. Wallpaper draws one’s attention to a space and gives any ordinary space a sense of importance.

We have an endless selection of wallpaper to choose from.

When choosing wallpaper take the time to find the wallpaper that best suits you and that creates the right feel for your space, there are so many options to choose from you’ll find what you're looking for. Online retailers have made it easy to browse through their extensive range of wallpaper options and order online making it easy to calculate how many rolls you need or the size of your mural and have it delivered straight to your door.

We don’t realize just how versatile wallpaper can be. It offers many characteristics to a space. Wallpaper can make a big statement, it can be a feature wall drawing your attention, it can be a work of art, it can create warmth in cold space, it can create depth, texture or comfort, it can make a space more fun, It has the ability to brighten up a space and personalise it. it just depends on you as a person and the personal statement you wish to make.

We for one are thrilled that this design gem is making a comeback to interiors.

Should you wish for some interior design direction, application, or design, please don’t hesitate to make contact with me.

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